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Post by ToadRopes on Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:19 pm

You can be any character from any universe, including fan-made ones, but be sure to check your power levels and write your characters well.



[b]Sex (if any):[/b]

[b]Height (you can approximate):[/b]

[b]Weight (you can approximate):[/b]





[b]Alignment:[/b] (Follows the D&D alignment system, I.E Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil)


Size of group: (in number of members, you may approximate, please try to list the number of vehicles if they have them)
Abilities/Equipment: (abilities members of the group can use and their weapons, vehicles, gadgets and what-not)
Alignment: (generally speaking)

Notes on Reserving Characters

You can choose to reserve individual characters, but you can not reserve every single character from a series, work, or franchise (for instance, you cannot reserve the entire cast of Moby Dick all at the same time, but you can reserve individual characters.)
-This means you cannot say things such as: "I reserve every Nintendo character!" Be considerate to others.
You cannot reserve more than 5 characters at a time.

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