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Post by Lowfn on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:45 pm

Hello potential culture creator, and welcome to Media!

As the most obviously culturally enlightened person on the websitekidding, I shall now lay down the law. As expected, you need to follow the general rules of the site such as no spamming, stupidity, etc.

But to reiterate and/ or add a few new things:

  • Don't be stupid annoying towards other members. Use common sense.
  • If you feel as though someone's works are not 'up to par' DO NOT insult their creation. Instead, provide constructive criticism so that they may better themselves.
  • If you feel as though someone has insulted your work without justification or proper constructive criticism format, then please contact a moderator, please do not turn it into an argument.
  • Do not report CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Only insults. If you can't take criticism meant to help you then don't show your work to the public.
  • When uploading new works, try to keep it in a relevant thread. For example: Keep all art in one thread dedicated to your art and keep stories in their own thread. Don't upload your work in another thread without the OP's permission.
  • Have fun! Your art's the best when you enjoy making it!


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Welcome to Media Empty Re: Welcome to Media

Post by ToadRopes on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:49 pm

Welcome to Media Tumblr_nv5wi88gKo1tbqhsxo1_400

Roy confirm

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