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Character Sheet:

(If your character does not have a character link, then feel free to omit the sections that talk about the Id.)

[b]Name:[/b] (Self explanatory)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Ditto; does not have to match sex)
[b]Age:[/b] (13-18, please)
[b]Height:[/b] (inches)
[b]Weight:[/b] (lbs)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Be descriptive)
[b]Id Appearance: [/b](These are the design differences that your character will undergo upon entering the Id. Generally these will resemble the character your character is bound to.)
[b]Id Abilities: [/b](What your character can do as his/her Id self. These include attacks and special techniques such as healing or support, etc. Must be derived from your Character Link.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Be descriptive and try to make your character interesting)
[b]Talents, Skills, Hobbies:[/b]
[b]Bio:[/b] (At least 2 paragraphs.)
[b]Character Link:[/b] (Any character from any universe. If you want to do a character from Dimensional Clash, the list of Clashes is in the OP.)
[b]Character's Appearance: [/b](How your character link differs from his/her/its appearance in Dimensional Clash)
[b]Character's Abilities: [/b](What the character from Dimensional Clash can do in the Id. Generally these will match abilities in Dimensional Clash. Optional, if you want your character to solely link to the character á la [i]Persona.[/i])
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else)

List Table of Contents:

Part 1 (You are here!)
Part 2


User: EropsToad
Name: Logan Rodriguez
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137.8 lbs
Appearance: Id☆DC [CS] Lzk0GTzl

Logan is half-Korean and half-Argentenian. His skin is a healthy peach color, and his hair is brown, though his eyes are hazel. He is clean-shaven, and has a sharp, handsomely-defined jaw. Logan has a narrower eye shape as a result of his Korean genes, and a somewhat-bulbous tip-of-the-nose. His brown hair is styled like a surfer's; medium-length and choppy, Logan's straight hair reaches to the bottom of his neck, and Logan sweeps to the right the chunks that make up his bangs. Logan has tight lips and a slightly mischievous look. Logan wears contact lenses, and is clean-shaven.

In terms of body type, Logan is sturdily built, though not buff. Probably the best description would be “fit." All of that soccer had put dat STRENF into Logan's lower body, though he is pretty fit all around. Logan does not have the broadest shoulders; he looks more like a Popsicle than a brick wall, but that's OK, he likes to play offense in soccer. (Also, he claims that the ladies love a guy who's proportional. Of course, he's joking; he can't stand actual bigotry and patronization.) His arms and legs have a thin layer of light hair, but not enough to be noticeable from a distance. His shoe size is 10.

Logan likes to wear T-shirts and shorts, as well as his soccer jersey (he finds it comfortable). Generally, he likes to throw on whatever comes out of his wardrobe first. He has black socks, and gray custom Vans with a yellow border and black soles. When it gets cold, Logan tosses on his steel-blue AMHS hoodie.
Id Appearance: In the Id, Logan dons a dark tactician's robe and strongly resembles the Grandmaster class from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Logan also gains Robin’s original swords, crossed on his back as if on a coat-of-arms, and tethered to his chest. Instead of normally-designed cuffs like normal Grandmasters, Logan has Greek letters circling his cuffs that allow him to use Elwind, and in addition, has yellow sparks and runes of magic circling his wrists in mid-air. A shock of Logan’s hair, on the left, turns as white as Robin’s, and is shaped like a lightning bolt. Logan keeps his Vans, however; they already strongly resemble Robin's own shoes!
Id Abilities: Logan has a heightened perception (from Robin's tactician's eye) within the Id. Logan also gains the ability to use Elwind, and has access to Robin's steel and Levin swords. Under Robin's guidance, Logan can also perform complex blade maneuvers. Logan also has a combination attack with Robin: Pair Up, in which Robin appears, charges forth with the aegis before her, and upon striking an enemy, calls upon Logan and has him do a dual slash upon the enemy from overhead.
Personality: Logan is an easy-to-like guy. Not because he is dashingly handsome (though he often jokingly attributes his popularity among his peers as such), but because, well, simply he's nice to everyone. Of course, a few of his jokes might be taken the wrong way and he'd promptly apologize for the offensive comment, but everybody knows that he means no harm. Logan likes to crack jokes and is a fan of dramatic irony and mild sarcasm, which is why he did so much better in his AP Lit class's Shakespeare unit than his other students did. (His math skills leave quite a bit to be desired; he is only in pre-calculus.) Logan actually favors social justice, and on his tumblr, reblogs all posts that he agrees with (or that bite the bigots in the butt). He is an LGBT ally and has quite a few homosexual friends, though he himself is straight. Logan often reaches into his shirt and scratches his back; it's one of his quirks. Logan loves dank memes and males references that only an eclectic group of people would understand. However, he is known among a large number of social circles; chances are that he'll chippily say "Hi!" to at least two folks in the hallways. Logan speaks Korean to his mother and Spanish to his father.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Logan loves to play chess, and is actually very good at it. He is president and founder of the school chess club, in fact. Logan is a good actor, as well, though he isn't usually the one to get a lead role in a play. (He did a great Marius when AMHS did Les Misérables back in 2015.) Logan can speak both Spanish and Korean, in addition to English. (He often jokes that that's the only reason he could ever get into college.) In addition, Logan loves soccer, and both watches and plays soccer with a passion. He always roots for Korea and Argentina before the U.S. during the World Cup. Logan plays for fun off season, but on season, he gets really competitive. As a hobby, Logan likes model airplanes. He’s also gotten very, very good at Splatoon, though his Super Smash Bros. skills leave room for improvement. (He’s a casual player, anyway. He mains R.O.B. and Luigi.)
Bio: Logan was born on September 22, 1998, to an Argentenian dad and a Korean mom. He lived in Boston for six years, until moving to New York, where he lived for the rest of his life until now. Often, Logan would play soccer with his father and chess with his mother, tying those activities firmly into his personality. In fact, he found solace in soccer and chess during the tough move from state to state. In second grade, he met Taylor Masayoshi, a Japanese-American all-around good-boy. Suffice it to say, they became best friends, though Logan will admit that Taylor was always the sensible one. (Yet somehow, Logan had the tactical genius to whip Taylor's b00ty in chess.

Logan had a typical middle-school experience that he doesn't want to go into because thirteen-year-old boys are crazy folk, thinking they're on top of the world and in the highest swing of pubescence. He will say that he got gud at chess, after studying moves extensively. He also became a Wallace and Gromit fan as well. Though, there was another major part of his life that would define his dream: his experience on Broadway.

Logan was actually lucky enough to see the original production Catch Me If You Can with Taylor, back in 2011. He fell in love with the art of musical theatre, and became a bit of a nerd for it. (Okay, a lot of a nerd for it.) Aaron Tveit became kind of a hero for him. Unfortunately, his family was not wealthy enough to frequent Broadway, but Logan always read wistfully about productions and saw community performances of different musicals. When he joined the drama program in 2012, the company actually decided to do Avenue Q! Suffice it to say, the entire drama class of 2012 felt a little dirtier after doing that musical. (Mr. Walker would even join in whenever the company suddenly belted out into "The Internet is for Porn.") Three years of drama had expanded Logan's creativity and skill as an actor, instilling within him a dream to one day perform on Broadway.

Last year, Logan's family began to experience financial hardships. Logan's family was never really upper-class in the first place (he was very, very lucky to have gotten his tickets to Broadway and his Wii U), and at night, he would sometimes hear arguments over income, taxes, and wages. In spring of 2015, it all seemed to get worse. At first, the household was tense with fury, frustration, and confusion, but later it seemed that the household had fallen into a depressed state. After the troubles began, Logan would usually escape his hardship through soccer drills and Splatoon. However, he did notice a bit of a rift forming between his aging parents, and has begun to express his frustrations to Facebook and tumblr. To his parents, however, he aims to be the happy, cheerful son that they had for seventeen-and-almost-a-half years.
Character Link: Robin
Character's Appearance: Image.
Much of Robin’s face is obscured by both her hair and her facial half-mask, as well as the veil she wears over her nose and mouth. This leaves a darkened area of her face, in which her eye glows orange. Why orange? Because it looks pretty friggin’ awesome. Slung on her back is Aegislash, hanging on to her by gripping her shoulders and tethering itself to her chest. Robin’s colors are mostly the same; she has the same dark robes and same undergarments, as well as colors for her apron, although the difference lies in the details that now adorn her apron. Robin has a left shoulder plate styled after Aegislash’s handle (it even has that same brass color!) and wears the aegis on her left forearm. On her right arm, she has an arm band with glowing Greek letters emblazoned upon them, all bisected by a single line running around the circumference of the center of the armband. Circling her right arm are the signature magic circles of the Fire Emblem series, as well as a host of different Greek letters. Robin wears dark gloves. As a soul, she can summon any of her three tomes for use in combat situations or otherwise. Her hair color remains the same.
Character's Abilities: Robin wields Aegislash as a sword and wears the aegis on her left arm. Robin is a master swordswoman and an intelligent tactician, sharing this insight with Logan whenever she can. She also has access to the three tomes she had in Dimensional Clash VII, which are Arcfire, Elwind, and Arcthunder. Arcfire erupts into a fire wall upon contact with a target. Elwind shoots curved blades of wind. Arcthunder fires an orb of lightning. In the Id, Aegislash also takes the properties of the Levin sword, meaning that it can also shoot lightning from its blade.
Other: um... Peanuts.


User: EropsToad

Name: Hera Han

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 114.8 lbs

Appearance: Id☆DC [CS] GiBoeqZl

Id Appearance: When in battle together with Chara, Hera’s sweater color changes to match the color and pattern of Chara’s. Her coat’s pockets have zippers, and she has breastpockets as well, both of which are also zippered (think Kingdom Hearts character designs). Hera exchanges shorts for a pair of chinos, with a spiral running down her left leg that glows yellow and blue. The highlights in her hair turn green. She dons a scarf and a crest identical to that of Asgore's collar.

Id Abilities: Hera can't cut rifts in space like Chara can, but she can perform warps back to an anchor point in the real world, taking her and people in close quarters with her out of the Id. Hera has access to Chara's pocketknife, and can create multiple clones of that knife to throw (á la Dio). She can use the knife's corkscrew to do a drill move, and do close-quarters melee with the blade. Chara and Hera can perform a duo move, Megalovania, in which Chara and Hera, together, slash many groups of strikes into three triangles in the sky (vaguely reminiscent of this), which then rain down upon all targets. Her link with Chara also allows her to raise ally defenses and heal allies.

Personality: Hera is a cheerful, laid-back person, but is a little unrestrained in terms of her language. She cusses like a sailor casually, though if angered she is a little more severe (since she casually drops F-bombs in normal speech). Nevertheless, she has a very long fuse. She can definitely tone the cussing down when appropriate. Despite this, she is nice to everyone (in her own sailor-y way), and incredibly supportive to her fellow band members. She is knowledgeable about low brass technique and is a patient section leader. She likes to play practical jokes and loves puns, and being in the corps exposed her to a lot of dirty humor. Like, a LOT. She is very protective of her friends and her section, and gets angry if they are endangered. She does complain about high school workload, but she is quite lighthearted about it.

She likes to shovel snow since it keeps her busy, and prefers walking to driving. Her favorite snack is Choco-Boy, little crackers with mushroom-shaped caps of chocolate. She gives earthworms a wide berth since she accidentally stepped on one and saw it writhing in pain when she was a child. She's a Smash Bros. powerhouse who uses Donkey Kong and Lucina with skill. Her favorite colors are green and blue. She likes to gather a group of friends and go out on walks, shop for cool stuff, and all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, she listens to old standards like "In the Mood" and "Giant Steps," and she has a few Dizzy Gillespie records at home.

She sums her philosophy up, quite simply, as "don't be a f**kin' d*ckhole", meaning that she will treat others with kindness and fairness, and expects the same of others. Lest they have a bad time. She implements her philosophy in her leadership. Past the cussing, she is an excellent, patient mediator.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Plays baritone and marched in the spring. Marches in drum corps, and will march again when the summer season comes. Hera is into music composition and arrangement, and has performed in the pit of every one of AMHS's school musicals as a trombonist. Loves video games and is Undertale trash. She likes going on long walks in Times Square. She also has the interesting hobby of LEGO building, and in her room she has a bunch of BIONICLE amalgams and TECHNIC machines. She is quite deft at doing card tricks. Off-season, she keeps in shape with tae kwon do.

Bio: Hera Han is a first-generation Korean-American born to immigrant parents who made their way in NYC. She was born in Brooklyn on June 10, 1998, and moved to Manhattan when she was six. She was always a calm sort of kid, and was generally good in elementary and middle school. With a comedian for a father, she quickly picked up a sense of humor, and was exposed to dirty jokes from an early age thanks to her dad's line of work. Her dad hosts a late-night comedy show, Thursday Evenings With Archibald Han, and her mother is a jazz pianist. She isn't as much of a Broadway buff as many of her friends, but she boasts to know the most about drum and bugle corps out of her friend group. Her mother took her to a Skyliners show (a drum corps) and Hera was enthralled by how amazing marching band can be. It inspired her to learn low brass instruments through middle school and high school.

Hera has two younger brothers, and she nicknames them Bord and Cord after the bandits in Fire Emblem, since they are rowdy young boys. They defer to their older sister, however. They are freshmen. The one she calls Bord wants to play football and annoys Hera with the proclamation that marching band isn't a real sport. (Hera responded to this one time by pouring valve oil into Bord's boxer shorts at night. She claims that it was well worth it, though she did get in trouble with her mom for that.)

Hera's life was pretty uneventful, though since high school, marching band dominated the majority of her life, and drum corps her summer. She marches with the Manhattan Delta, a New York-centered professional drum corps.. In the AMHS band, she is low brass section leader, and in this year's show, Reach For the Stars, she is marching both baritone and trombone, since both instruments are necessary through the entire show. (The opener is "Reach For the Stars" from Sonic Colors, the ballad is the love theme from Bicentennial Man, and the closer is "Megalovania" from Homestuck. (Imagine her surprise when she found out that Toby Fox used that song again in Undertale.)

This year, Hera's mother, on the way back from a gig in Harlem, got into a major auto accident, and was thrown comatose. Hera had to cut her tour with the Crimson Kings that summer short to take care of her mom, despite her dad's assurances that Hera didn't have to give up her opportunities. Her mother is still recovering at the beginning of the school year. She's slightly more on edge, but she tries to keep cheery around her friends, not wanting them to worry. This summer was also the time in which she met Chara, who was drawn to her emotional state and musicianship.

Character Link: StoryShift!Chara (DC8)

Character's Appearance: Chara's hood cloaks more of their face, making them look a bit more like a young pontifex if anything. They have a flaring collar that is lined with ornamental blades. Chara has their hands in their pockets most of the time. Their sweater is zipped shut, and another ornamental blade serves as the zipper. Chara wears long sweat pants and red rubber rain boots with soles that glow light blue at the contact point with the boots. When they are using powers, the details on their hood flash between red and blue.

Character's Abilities: When in the Id, Hera can call upon Chara to perform a knife attack that causes Karmic Retribution (KR) on foes. KR is rolling poison damage.

Other: Uh... Chocolate covered peanuts?

User: EropsToad

Name: Monica "Watt" Blanc

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 103.6 lbs

Appearance: Id☆DC [CS] JzL9V8Rl

Id Appearance: In the Id, Monica goes grayscale just like Peacock. She exchanges her beret for a top hat like Peacock’s, decorated with a tiara-like crest on the front. She dons a frilly summer dress with fringe patterned after Peacock’s, and she has cartoon gloves. Two buttons, like those of Mickey Mouse's pants, adorn her torso. A squirt flower adorns her chest. She has Mickey Mouse shoes.

Id Abilities: Monica has access to hammer space and has cartoon-physics strength, able to carry enormous sundry cartoon items. She cannot squash and stretch like a normal cartoon character, but she can withstand more damage than usual. She is capable of setting annoying traps and spreading confusion, which causes foes to become dizzy and hit themselves or each other. Her link with Peacock allows her to use cartoon stuff to spread status conditions. A hypnotic pendant for sleep, a car battery for paralysis, a bugged bottle of booze that causes poison damage, and duct tape for immobilization. With Peacock, she can perform a duo move, The Goodfellas, in which Peacock's minions join Peacock and Monica in grabbing a target, stomping on them over and over again, and as Peacock smokes, Monica tosses a stick of dynamite into the mess and Peacock tosses her cigar over the shoulder to blow it up.

Personality: First and foremost, Monica is a proud and haughty trickster. If there is order, Monica will go out of her way to paint a butt on it. She likes trouble, she looks for trouble, and she's surprisingly very good at getting out of it or toeing the line. Despite her mischievous nature, Monica will not flout the law, unless the law is genuinely morally wrong. (There have been exceptions. One time, she actually graffiti'd a butt on the side of Trump Tower. Apparently she had been saving up permanent markers for an occasion like that???) Suffice it to say, Monica has gotten into trouble more times than one would ever think possible, and yet it was all just mischievous pranks and jokes. Monica, however, is not so much destructive as she is distractive. Despite it being common knowledge that she is a mild prankster, she is heavily scrutinized, and people in her neighborhood and middle school liken all trouble and mischief to her handiwork. She doesn't care. She plans on taking AMHS by storm, determined to be the resident Class Clown.

Monica loves cartoons, especially those that show on the Disney Channel, as well as old slapstick cartoons such as the Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry. She giggles at dirty jokes and immature humor. She usually skips newspapers up to the funny pages and reads the comic strips.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Monica is an exceptional cartoonist, and she preoccupies herself with doodling various characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Bugs Bunny, Phineas and Ferb, and more. She likes to act, and was great at comic roles when she was in her middle school's theater club. She is great at pulling pranks and carries with her a myriad of pranking materials along with her books and stuff. She likes hobby trains and obsessively builds a huge, winding train set in her apartment, along with her dad. It's hard to pass through Monica's house without seeing a train whiz by.

Bio: Monica Blanc was born on May 15, 2001. Her father is a construction worker

Character Link: Peacock

Character's Appearance: Peacock looks generally the same; however, her colors are muted and grayscale, making her look as if she had hopped off of the cel of a 1928 cartoon. Peacock has a big comedy mallet with Andy’s face painted on the sides of the head. When Peacock speaks, her voice sounds grainy, as if it were put through a phonograph. It’s less apparent that her eyes were gouged out, as they are now actual cartoon bead eyes.

Character's Abilities: Peacock has her access to hammer space, and can pull out a variety of comical gags, ranging from the funny to the dangerous. She has a portable hole, a mallet, and lots and lots of bombs, as well as her car which she can summon at will. Peacock can also use her Argus Agony move when Monica needs some aid.

Other: Peanutcocks

User: EropsToad

Name: Hadid El-Hashem

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 102.2 lbs

Appearance: Id☆DC [CS] NyxgdhBl

Id Appearance: Hadid, in the Id, loses the hijab and jeans, and is clad in a suit of armor reminiscent of the Iron Giant's body, with some elements that resemble Mettaton NEO. Two missile launchers, with six barrels each, sit on her shoulders, and the Iron Giant's death laser is mounted on her right arm. Her hair becomes more wildly styled in a short bob and a flaring bang like Mettaton NEO's. A large hood resembling Iron Giant's lower jaw can flip over her head and protect her like a helmet. She has an "S" emblem on her chest identical to the Giant's. She gains a metal skirt and Spandex tights, as well as rubber shoes. Large engines jut from the back of the armor. Hadid has a left-eye Scouter-like device that serves as a scope. She describes it as "like, Muslim Iron Man".

Id Abilities: Hadid is a defensive character; in addition to having high durability thanks to her armor, Hadid also has access to a variety of counterattacks. Hadid can hover for a short distance. She has an arm-mounted death ray and shoulder-mounted magic missiles. If struck, she can strike back with missile or laser beam. Hadid is also capable of covering for her friends, her armor absorbing most of the blow.

Hadid can call upon the Iron Giant; upon doing so, Iron Giant will punch, kick, or shoot death rays through a rift, much like Madama Butterfly from Bayonetta. She and the Giant can perform a duo move, You Stay, I Go, in which the Giant launches into the sky and drops upon all targets, while Hadid goes into a guarding stance, ready to protect her friends.

Personality: Hadid is somewhat reserved, but opens up to people who she is close to. She has a protective personality, as caring as Hera is fierce. She wants to be a person who one could rely on, so she goes out of her way to be helpful. Sometimes she might be overbearing, but you can count on her to pick up dropped books and/or help you carry them, or to hold a door open for her classmates, or other things of that sort. Hadid is incredibly supportive of her friends, and very reciprocal too; she returns all favors and pays them forward. She attends as many performances as she can, as well as other sports games and marching band shows, since she has friends in many different areas of extracurriculars. Hadid is allergic to shellfish. A sad existence, for shrimp is delicious, and every restaurant she went to that served seafood prepared it so well. Her friends are kind enough to not rub it in her face, and she likes to accompany them to restaurants anyway even if they do serve shellfish. In terms of music, she likes both her own ethnic music and the Gorillaz.

Hadid likes '90s cartoons and superhero comics, but wishes that there were more Arabic super heroes. She draws cartoons and comics in her spare time, and she likes to draw in front of people, for she finds their praise reassuring. She is far from arrogant, however; she does not boast. Hadid is primarily concerned with doing the right thing, and she likens such actions to comic heroism. ("What would Superman do?" she would ask herself.) In recent years, Hadid has been drawing a comic book about a Muslim superhero, since her Muslim friends are feeling afraid due to recent events involving terrorism and Islamophobia. She is proud of her religion, and embraces it as part of her identity.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Hadid is a goalie on AMHS's varsity soccer team; she has been said to never let a ball past, giving AMHS girls' varsity soccer team a reputation as a defensive powerhouse. (She modestly denies that she's blocked every single ball.) She is quick in her reflexes, and resistant to falling. Hadid likes to play checkers and go (a game she was introduced to when she was a freshman, by Hera). She is a percussionist and has a drum set at home, and every year performed in the jazz band as the set drummer, as well as in the wind ensembles. (Her favorite non-drumset instrument? She has to say the timpani. She can play a mean "George of the Jungle.") Like Hera, Hadid performs in the pit orchestras of school musicals, and finds drum parts in beer musicals exceptionally fun. She likes to play drums along to Rent's soundtrack. Hadid also likes to bake, and she can do some really good peanut butter cookies. She can also make parfait. She works out, and she has a funny story about her hijab getting caught on a weight machine that caused many things to topple over (which is a major part of the reason why she never wears her hijab when doing physical activity, not even when she found out about athletic hijabs). Hadid likes to draw cartoons and is good at doing a comic book style, but also likes to use more stylized stuff like a majority of the artists she follows on tumblr. Her favorite webcomic artist is Gigi DG.

Bio: Hadid was born on March 18, 1999, to Saudi Arabian immigrant parents. Unfortunately, her mother died in childbirth, leaving her father a widower. Hadid's father did not want her to think that she was the reason her mother died; blaming a person rather than the complications was wrong to him. However, Hadid did not take the truth very well. She did vow to herself that she would protect those close to her.

Her father is an artist for Marvel, and has worked on comics like Iron Man and Spider-Man. Seeing these super heroes all the time influenced Hadid's aspirations. She spent a lot of time in her dad's studio, and drew whenever she could. She had a very active imagination and put it to use with her creativity, and her father backed her up the whole way. Hadid copied the frames of paused VHS tapes, and laughed at the hilarious stills of Disney smear frames (the notorious Gaston one now known as "DIDNEY WORL" is a prominent example).

Hadid has been playing soccer since she was five, and is a master of defense. As goalie, she has blocked many a goal, earning her the nickname "The Wall" in her youth league. Defenders don't usually get superstar status in the world of youth sports, so Hadid just took it in stride. (Her teammates give her the necessary credit, though.) She would continue playing soccer, jokingly referring to herself as the super goalie. The varsity soccer team at AMHS did significantly better when Hadid joined.

Hadid has lived in Manhattan her whole life. At first, she wasn't sure how to react when trouble began because of her religion in 2014. She didn't want to distance herself from her Muslim identity because of the monstrosity going on in the Middle East. However, she and her Muslim friends did start receiving a lot of flak. As such, she began to write a comic about an Arabic super hero who combatted bad guys. She wanted to give her scared friends hope. She got pretty Tumblr-famous for writing and blogging pages of her comic. She firmly believes that you can be anything you want to be, that you define your identity. She wants to be a hero; she does things that are heroic, like inspiring hope in her friends.

Character Link: The Iron Giant (DCV)

Character's Appearance: The chinks in Iron Giant's metal body glow a cool Tron blue, and Iron Giant is shrouded in shadow, in a gradient starting upward from its navel. Its optics, however, glow like twin full moons and flash like searchlights, briefly illuminating the rest of its body. It is revealed to have a large round "S" emblem hanging on its chest. What is the "S" for? The Giant struggles to remember, but it is fond of that emblem.

Character's Abilities: The Iron Giant is capable of flying, and it itself is virtually impervious to harm (though if Hadid dies, it loses its anchor to this world). Hadid can call upon the Iron Giant to go into Defense Mode, in which its "S" emblem apertures open and reveals a core that spins and indicates that the Giant will defend Hadid from blows directed towards her.



User: Zandoo
Name: Morgan Amsel
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 98 lbs
Appearance: Morgan has short dark brown hair that only goes an inch below her ears, She's white, and while not pale, one can tell she doesn't get much sunlight. She has a diamond face type and thin lips. She has green eyes and average thickness of eyebrows.

Morgan is an A-cup with a thin body, not anorexic mind you, but she could use a burger or two. She has a wardrobe of long-sleeve shirts with no designs that all look the same other than their color. There's a few T-shirts in there, but she prefers to go with her long-sleeves and blue jeans. She wears some old black Nike shoes that shes had for about a year.

Id Appearance: Upon entering the Id, Morgan sports Melissa Brown's iconic hat. Her jeans transform into black pants and whatever shirt she is wearing is converted into (To her displeasure) a long-sleeved collard shirt with a black tie, donned with a much more shiny version of the iconic German cross. Very much to her displeasure, she gains a solid black armband made of small tentacles with a glowing white swastika.
Id Abilities: Morgan's agility is greatly enhanced. More prominently however, is her ability to rapidly heal herself. This ability cannot be used on others however. If her blood were to touch another within the Id, it would react like acid.
Personality: While she has a negative outlook on things and has a rather short temper, she does her best to make friends. One may not see just how salty she can be due to her ability act as if nothing bothers her, the only negative emotion that ever comes out is anger. she emanates sarcasm and often employs a darker sense of humor than her peers. If one catches her idle, she begins tapping her hand in impatience without even realizing she is doing it. Despite how she behaves sometimes, she will not go out of her way to do morally wrong things,

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: She is a brilliant actress, though not so interested in the school's theater department itself, resulting in her always being a side character in any performances. She has a secret love for dancing and is always excited for any musicals that may come that include dancing. She can sing somewhat well, but prefers the talent of her feet over the talent of her voice. She often watches reruns of old TV shows since her family doesn't have cable. When she isn't watching TV she's either reading, writing, or getting angry about how she cannot draw. She has an affinity for sea creatures and takes good care of her pet goldfish.

Bio: Morgan was born in March 2nd, 1999. Her mother was born in New York City, while her father moved to America from Germany. Her entire life until now she has lived in the lower east side due to the low amount of funds available to her family.

She grew up without many friends in school and sometimes made fun of for not having the newest this or that. She also led a rather uneventful life up until she was about 14 when her family scrounged up the money to go to the aquarium, giving the ocean world a special place in her heart.

She recently got a part time job at a hotel not far from her family's apartment where she works as a maid. She saves most of her earnings, spending it only on food for her fish, and if the family gets in a tight spot for bills and the such.

Her father was strict in earlier days, but his resolve as faded as he works the unhappy job of a janitor at the same school Morgan currently attends. Her mother works late shifts at Hooters.
Character Link: Melissa Brown
Character's Appearance: Click due to massive image size
Character's Abilities: Melissa Brown totes her beloved pistol which she shots with deadly efficiency. She is agile and will grudgingly help Morgan if she needs assistance. Despite this being more of a spirit of Melissa, she still bleeds, which is used to her advantage. If her blood is thrown onto another person, it will grow black tendrils that will attack the unfortunate soul. That was a pun
Other: Peanuts taste really good. Like peanut butter sandwiches, mmmmm.

User: Rixio
Name: Ga’ool ‘Gaul’ A-Ora
Gender: Doesn’t Care (They/Them, but any pronouns are fine)
Age: 18
Height: 6’ 2’’
Weight: 215 lb
Id☆DC [CS] Gaul_AOra
Gaul has a tall, toned build, with not-so-excellent posture, tending to lean where they can.  Contrasting to their dark, Egyptian skin is a large, somewhat pointy tuft of hair, the points complimenting their sharp nose.  They sport an undercut underneath.   Their most striking quality, of course, is their significant yellow eyes.  In terms of fashion, they usually wear fairly simple outfits: grey jeans with gold stitching, simple t-shirts that would usually have a novelty to them in the form of any kind of words printed on (the one that seems to be their favorite is a simple pattern of pink and orange with the word ‘BIRD’ largely printed on the back), a chain necklace, and a chain bracelet.

Id☆DC [CS] JJBclfhl
Id Appearance:
Id☆DC [CS] Gaul_id
Gaul’s design in the Id is a much more formidable one.  They now don a dark, mechanical suit.  On their head, they wear a sleek, cybernetic visor with striking yellow optics.  The arms of the suit are adorned with symbols and sigils that seem to hold a connection to Gaul’s flight, glowing when they take to the air.  

Id Abilities: Flight.  From the runes on their arms, Gaul is able to levitate and ascend to the air.  Summoning.  One of their most significant offense abilities, Gaul is able to summon mechanical birds from an unseen nether that fly and dive at a chosen target, which tends to be rather painful considering the birds are bombs.   Melee. When things get too close, Gaul briefly summons a large scimitar reminiscent of a wing in shape. FOUNTAIN OF VENGEANCE.  Gaul’s most significant ability, and serving as a pair attack with them and their character, they single out a target and cause that target to experience the gravest of misfortunes, making all strikes against it much more painful.

Personality:  Gaul’s personality is a very perplexing one.  Looking at them, their immediate attitude would lead you to think they would be a quintessential loner, what with how reserved, quiet, and distant they seem.  However, they seem to be not only accepted, but a staple member of the central ‘Cool Kid’ cliques of the school.  The reason why is revealed when you hang around them for a while, as they’re dry knowledge, deadpan humor, and seemingly wise conversational ability makes them into a very charismatic and alluring figure.  It’s very easy to become generally friends with them.  However, because of their immense coldness, they have an extreme difficulty with ever becoming genuinely close to anybody, so forming a /best/ friendship is a definite challenge.  Gaul is also incredible ambitious, and incredible tenacious, and will hold onto their desired goals with intense fervor, and go to some extreme lengths to get them.  They have a tendency to hold grudges.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Gaul has an overall high intellect and charisma.  Academically they have a preference for STEM courses and social study courses over language and arts.  They have a large interest in mechanics and technology, and was effectively the class leader of the PLTW-enrolled Engineering class’ efforts in designing a vehicle for the class-affiliated Shell Eco-Marathon.  Because of their connections to many of the Cool Kids and charisma around many spheres of the school, they have many connections to many different kinds of groups and organizations around Manhattan, from gangs to churches to businesses to all kinds of groups.  They also have gained a knowledge of the lay of the land in the city.  Gaul is bilingual, remembering his native Arabic while also being able to speak English fairly decently, and read it even better.  In terms of hobbies, they tend to engage in illicit drag races out in the countryside, driving around town and modding up their vehicles, reading (they have a fairly high reading comprehension and enjoy getting into old, expansive books), and other assorted 'cool' activities.  They run an aesthetic Tumblr blog.

Bio: Gaul’s story began simply within the city of Cairo, Egypt.  Growing up relatively well-off, Gaul developed something of a punk attitude in contrast to his upbringing.  They certainly took the mechanical and engineering side of their family, however, and took it in as a significant interest of theirs.  

The A-Ora family were engineering contractors for the Egyptian Military, developing weapons for their militias.  When the US-backed military coup occurred sometime within the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the family felt the effects of their connections and arose from relative wealth to great wealth.  However, noting the demeanor of their child, they feared for Gaul’s upbringing and safety in the tense political climate occurring around them.  After some time, they decided to use their newfound cash to travel to New York, America, where they now work by making drones for the US.

Gaul was enrolled in Abraham Maslow High School, where they started their years in higher education.  Even as a freshman, it quickly became prominent that they were quite the smooth operator, and they became a significant personality within the school.  An incumbent in the student government, a lexicon of the top weed-dealing spots around town, and a cool figure at parties and absolute riot at the school talent show (one of the most famous talent show shticks of theirs was starting with what looked like an emotional and slow violin piece before revealing they set up an entire synthesizer set and began playing that), they are certainly a staple example of a Cool Kid.

After the school’s victory in the Shell Eco-Marathon by obtaining 2nd Place in the Hydrogen category in 2015, Gaul became a bit more inwardly bitter at not getting 1st.  To help cool down, they enrolled the next year, their senior year, in something they haven’t completely tried before: the AMHS Drama Program.

Character Link: Clockwerk (DCV)
Character's Appearance: Surprisingly, rather than obtaining more detail, Clockwerk actually becomes much more silhouetted in style, his form being outlined with a sleek golden accent.  He is bound to ominously appear as Gaul’s shadow.
Other: As Gaul came in 2nd in the Shell Eco-Marathon, they have an immense dislike of the state of Indiana, as one of its schools came in first in the competition they were intending to take the gold in.  Despite their size, their voice is actually a rather strange, monotone tenor, which they make they can make emphatic depending on the speeds they talk in rather than fluctuations in tone.

User: EropsToad
Name: Taylor Masayoshi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142.3 lbs
Appearance: Taylor is a first-generation Japanese-American. He has a pale-peach skin tone and black eyes and hair. Taylor’s eyes are narrow and almond-shaped, and he has a sort of stern look that he inherited from his father (a look that often breaks in the company of his friends, especially Logan). He has a rounded haircut, with choppy bangs, and he dyed the edges of his hair navy blue. Taylor is clean-shaven. Taylor has a pair of large, black-rimmed glasses; he is farsighted.

Taylor isn't fat, but he isn't exactly thin, either. He calls it as it is, and as it is, he admits that he needs more exercise, though his metabolism certainly isn't bad. Regardless, Taylor wears long sleeve-T-shirt layers, as well as jeans. One of his quirks is that he never seems to wear the same socks. It's like he picks them in the dark or something... Taylor also owns a pair of black Converse. Another interesting quirk: he shaves the hair around his belly button. Why? We don't know.

Taylor is, unfortunately, asthmatic. As such, he always makes sure to have his inhaler on his person at all times. He has an aversion to physical activity, but he has lately been reading studies on the relationship between resistance to asthma and rigorous physical activity,
Id Appearance: Taylor, in the Id, dons a black fedora with a gold rim, as well as a suit resembling Hanratty's, albeit with brass shoulder pads adorned with elegant curls and whirls. Instead of suspenders, Taylor has a pair of ornate chains keeping his pants up. (Taylor has an undergarment so don't worry about it pressing into his shoulders.) Taylor obtains a pair of penny loafers.

The most fortunate thing about his entrance into the Id is the removal of his asthma. However, upon returning to the conscious world, Taylor becomes more prone to asthma attacks.
Id Abilities: When he and Hanratty link, Taylor gains access to Hanratty's firearms, as well as the ability to use those firearms. His link with Hanratty also gives him enhanced agility (because that choreography in the musical tho!), as well as heightened perception, though as opposed to Logan's tactical sense, Taylor has the ability to pinpoint weaknesses and flaws ("Sooner or later, they all make a mistake!").

In addition, Taylor can summon a soul-version of his Yamaha. Because motorcycles are cool.
Personality: Taylor tends to be a no-nonsense type of guy; he seldom cracks jokes, and the ones he does tend to fly over other people's heads. (He manages to snort at other people's, however. Especially Logan's.) Taylor is studious and well-invested in everything he does (besides physical activity, for fear of his condition). Taylor is naturally trustworthy and refuses to lie, and he expects others to do the same as well.

Taylor, at the same time as strictly following the law, also yearns for justice. He agrees with Logan's social views, although he holds mild distaste for civil disobedience, believing in the need to use the law first before resorting to radical methods of change. (Imagine his joy when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. A legal victory!) Taylor also loathes lawbreakers, and tends to become bitter towards anybody who flouts the law.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Taylor is a French hornist, and a musician in the wind ensemble. Therefore, he has an adequate understanding of music theory and technique. Taylor is also a well-practiced actor, and creatively implements his own twists on roles (to a certain extent to which the character is interesting but recognizable). Taylor is skilled at Smash; he handles the EXPAND DONG with ease, and with great fervor penetrates the weak defenses of his foes.
Bio: Taylor was born on January 6, 1998, in the Bronx borough of NYC, to Japanese parents. A generally rule-following childhood left him with good habits and manners, and an air of credibility. (Bullies would occasionally try to turn his justice-seeking nature against him by labeling him a tattle-tale. This never worked.) Taylor moved to Manhattan when he was 6 because of his father's commute, and adjusted right to life in the new borough (it was certainly louder). Taylor's father is a moral Wall Street broker (le gasp!), and was a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street campaign, adamantly against the corruption in the United Stares economy. We'll get to that, however.

Taylor met his best friend Logan Rodriguez in second grade, taking a liking to the boy's humor and attitude. The two of them were practically inseparable (barring math classes). Taylor was always the sensible one, and Logan was the jokester, though Logan was always better at tactical stuff such as Risk and chess. Logan, in fact, is the person that got Taylor into both acting and Nintendo; Taylor's first video game was Donkey Kong: King of Swing.

In 2011, Logan and Taylor saw the production of Catch Me if you Can on Broadway together. Taylor took a liking to the character of Carl Hanratty, especially due to his respect for the law. (Also, he thought Norbert Leo Butz played the character phenomenally, and that Butz totally deserved the Tony Award that he received in 2011 for his role as Hanratty.) This really helped jump-start both Taylor's and Logan's aspirations in theater.

2011, however, was a bad year overall for the Masayoshis. All around him, Mr. Masayoshi (Taylor's father) saw the deep-set corruption within the economic center of Wall Street. As such, when the Occupy Wall Street movement began, Mr. Masayoshi openly vocalized his agreements and desires for change in the economic system. This, of course, rendered some of the significantly-less-moral higher-ups displeased, and after a series of unfortunate events, Mr. Masayoshi found himself fired from Wall Street. But the Masayoshis held the success of their son in highest priority, and therefore, Mrs. Masayoshi attempted to find work while Mr. Masayoshi fought in the Occupy Wall Street movement, now embittered by his discharge from Wall Street. Taylor, however, saw his family's hardships, understanding right as soon as his father came home with the pink slip that times were going to be tough. On top of school, Taylor looked for a part-time job as quickly as he could. His latest job is a weekend shelf re-stocker at the Nintendo World store. When the movement ended, Mr. Masayoshi struggled to find work because his former employers had smeared his reputation. Taylor and his mother were enraged by the iron fist of immorality and lawlessness in the American economy.

Taylor joined the AMHS drama program along with Logan, partially as an escape from his troubles, and mostly to start down the path to his dream in the world of theater. He thought Avenue Q to be a vulgar choice for a high school musical, so instead of taking a major role, he took stage crew for the musical. Whenever the company spontaneously burst into "The Internet is for Porn," Taylor would roll his eyes and say "You guys are gross." However, he's acted in every single other play that the AMHS drama program has done, and even got a leading role in 2014 as Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. (Logan, of course, was cast as Guildenstern.) Taylor loves Mr. Walker as a teacher, seeing him as an effective teacher in keeping his students in line while still providing the education they need. As the AMHS drama program prepares to choose its musical, Taylor crosses his fingers for Catch Me if you Can.
Character Link: Carl Hanratty
Character's Appearance: Image.
Hanratty pretty much looks like he does in the musical, albeit with several silver zippers on his pants and pockets on his suit. In his fedora, a bladed ornament sticks out like a feather, and Hanratty pops his collar. His tie, at the end, resembles more a fleur-de-lis. Hanratty has a corded telephone that he seemingly pulls from his breast pocket. The biggest difference is the fact that he carries two decorated tommy guns strapped to his back. Hanratty has the voice of Norbert Leo Butz.
Character's Abilities: Hanratty, as a soul, is not limited by his middle-agedness. Rather, he shows the same amount of animation that he does in the musical Catch Me If You Can. In addition, Hanratty has access to the two tommy guns, both of which he can fire with each hand (why? Because it looks cool), and uses them to pump misbehaving beings in the Id with figurative lead. (Actually, the tommy guns fire light bullets.)
Other: Taylor has a motorcycling license and a Yamaha motorcycle.

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Post by ToadRopes on Tue May 02, 2017 4:05 pm

Name:Marley Patrick Vaudville
Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 170
Appearance: Sort of a slouched sort of posture(its very slight but its there) bushy curly unkempt hair(think bedhead) a curl or two occasionally hangs over his eyes,his eyes(blue green) have sort of a distracted glazed over look most of the time, he has ten fingers(Thats five on each hand), the best way to describe his physique is average, he's has a bit of fat around his gut but its nothing to noticeable, he has flat feet so he walks with his feet splayed out.

His usual attired consists of A T-shirt with a hoodie over it, while the design of the shirt and hoodie change its relatively just that, he usually wears either cargo pants or jeans.


He has a slightly squarish head with a rounded chin, his nose is average nothing to write home about, oh and his eyebrows are a little bushy.
Id Appearance: As he enters the I.D Marely's skin turns a pale white, his eyebrows turn into two comical black rectangles, his pupil's aquire a slight yellow tinge, but otherwise stay the same, all his hair follicles on his head shoot up like he's afraid,turn purple,curl inward and then settle, his teeth shine bright white as a few giggles erupt from his mouth.

His hands grow gloves though it should be noted that he retains all five of his digits, the front of his shirt grows a tuxedo graphic(ALbiet with a purple and white color scheme ) the sleeves at the end of his wrist grow large cuffs, shaped sorta like the end of trumpets, his shoes morph into large purple pointed boots, ringed with circus like yellow stripes, his pants connect with his suit to create a kinda purple and white jump-suit.
Id Abilities: Like Slapstick Marley can pull various things out of pocket space, he does this by hearing into one of the two sleeve cuffs and pulling something out, but there is a catch Mar is bound(sometimes) by some real-life physic's as in, strength, and gravity and the ability to feel pain, so he doesn't just runinto battle like a moron yelling "FIREARMS",no what he'll usually try is use props to his advantage, life he'll light a firecracker to distract them or more often than not he'll anger them to a pointed where they charge in foolhardily, and take them out with a series of well placed props. Special attacks: The Ring a ding: Mar pulls out a giant test your strength test and a large hammer, the metal part that goes up in an anvil  he hits the thing so hard with the hammer the Anvil goes up and breaks through the railing and Mar jumps up and smashes it back down towards the target. The Bandage:He wraps himself and or others with bandages like a mummy, this apparently heals about 50% of damage unfortunately this relies on him actually having to manually wrap the bandage which is not easy to do when under attack, and or whist running from potential threats.  

What your character can do as his/her Id self. These include attacks and special techniques such as healing or support, etc. Must be derived from your Character Link.)  
Personality:From an outward appearance Marley appears to be a softspoken shy quiet kid, sorta the kind that you over look in a classroom or barely register when you pass him in the halls, until he gets to improve in Drama Class, and or you get to know him better, known lovingly as a "Smart-SPORE" by his friends, he occasionally gives just the humorous remark to a situation, or a witty two cents that brings a smile to your face and perhaps a Guffaw or two, he tries to see the humor in everything, which is ironic because he has Depression, when he's depressed he'll usually remain silent and try to avoid people trying to process the emotions in his mind, or just hoping it'll pass in time,he's somewhat slow to open himself up to people, He has a moderate temper, but when he's annoyed he'll clench his hands a lot.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies:Knows up to fifty Spongebob quotes,somewhat skilled at giving comebacks,avid fiction reader,cartoon enthusiast, doodles in his spare time, knows a bunch of useless facts that'll probably never use in life,somewhat active imagination.
Bio:Marley was born the third child, in a family of five children and two parents, he lived a pretty average life, he was a happy kind of kid, a bit odd but happy, as he grew older however he found it increasingly harder to be happy, as he rotated from Anti Depression meds,  to avoiding confrontation, he eventually discovered that making people laugh brought a smile to his own face, while not the biggest crackup, he found that he could use creativity and humor to express himself, while he doesn't always get along with his siblings he's on generally good terms with them,also despite his happy demeanor he is often mentally quite critical and pessimistic of himself(side thing his Dad is a cop, and Marley respects him and most other figures of authority).
Character Link:
Character's Appearance: Depending on the connection in  Slapstick will either appear as a voice in Marley's head or a miniature crudely drawn crayon drawing on one of Marley's shoulder's, in the ID however Slapstick appears as a sort of faded comic book version of himself, and every action he makes makes a word bubble appear around him.
Character's Abilities: Slapstick is able to "Pocket space" items from his pockets such as Anvils,cherry-bombs,throwing knives,heavy objects,comic props etc, he also has his own toon logic which allows him to be impervious to pain, and some rules of logic.
Other:He has a quirk that when he's bored or annoyed he'll blow up at his bangs,like its obscuring his vison.


User: SpongeBobRocks23
Name: Anthony BritchQuad
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5"5
Weight: 110.0 lbs
Appearance: Anthony dons a yellow sweater vest, a white shirt underneath, as well as a red tie, khaki pants and white socks with red and blue stripes. Anthony also wears black loafers with black wideframe glasses. Anthony has freckles on his cheeks, as well as cyan eyes and blonde hair.
Id Appearance: Anthony's Id form is similar to that of SpongeBob SquarePants, except with a few differences. First off, Anthony's Id form is in a sort of 1950's Tom Oreb style. Anthony's pants are blue instead of brown, and his eyes are small black ovals.
Id Abilities: Anthony, in this form, is able to use magic bubble soap to create objects and weapons. Also, much like SpongeBob, Anthony is extremely flexible and durable.
Personality: Anthony is a very optimistic and ignorant young boy, being exposed to very up beat and positive cartoon programs since he was a baby. Despite this, if hit in just the right spot, Anthony can be depressed or even angered very easily. Anthony sees his life as if it were a happy li'l sitcom, where even the most dire situations can be solved with the power of "friendship", or "love" or "forgiveness".
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Anthony obtains top notch cooking abilities, and wants to be chef when he grows up. Anthony can also garden and is an expert bug collector.
Bio: Anthony is an extremely optimistic and fun loving kid. Anthony at a very young age was exposed to very positive children's programs. Since then, the way he sees reality is warped, and now he thinks that every day of his life is that of a super happy 80s sitcom, mixed with an overly happy and colorful cartoon. He loves life and, in his opinion, life loves him. He loves school, his friends, his enemies (if any), pretty much everything. There is literally nothing he does'nt like.

First through fourth grade, Anthony was able to make ALOT of friends his age by doing the things he's learned in the shows he's watched. After then, people stopped paying attention to him. Despite this, he still has alot of friends. Or, what he considers his friends.

Character Link: SpongeBob SquarePants - Dimensional Clash 8
Character's Appearance: SpongeBob is a square yellow sea sponge that dons an iconic pair of brown square pants and white shirt, as well as a red tie.
Character's Abilities: SpongeBob is extremely durable and can survive most anything. He knows various methods of karate and can even use bubbles as an attack.
Other: Anthony's human appearence is inspired by the costume choice of SpongeBob SquarePants in "SpongeBob the Musical". Also, Anthony's headcannon voice is Roger Craig Smith, voice of Percy from Clarence.


User:  Zandoo
   Name: Steve Alpert
   Gender: Male
   Age: 15
   Height: 5'7"
   Weight: 126 lbs.
   Appearance: Steve has light brown hair in a crew cut atop an oblong shaped head. He is average in body type and is Caucasian. He normally has some amount of scruff on his otherwise very young-looking face. He has green eyes and very expressive eyebrows. He has a small hunch to his back, resulting in less than desirable posture. He has a variety of clothing, and mostly wears shorts and a plethora of T-shirts.
   Id Appearance: Upon entering the Id, Steve is adorned with a metal bucket with a rectangular hole cut out for visibility and a red hoodie beneath a bulletproof vest. He also dons blue jeans and boots, as well as fingerless gray cloth gloves.
   Id Abilities: Steve gains the ability to birth fire from his hands and shoot balls of flame. He also gains a variety of dangerous firearms underneath his red hoodie. Also he can whack people with his bucket helmet.
   Personality: Steve Alpert is an introvert attempting to change to an extrovert. His social skills could use some refinement, but he's generally a nice guy and does his best to not act like a geek and impress others. He will go to great lengths for acceptance, though is unlikely to go against his own morals. He has little confidence in his own abilities, though does his best to have a positive outlook on life.
   Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Steve is an avid player of competitive video games and has experience in the field of theater tech from his freshman year. Despite being slim, he can eat 23 hotdogs in a row. When he isn't playing video games at home, he's creating spud launchers and other DIY projects he can find on the internet.
   Bio: Born to an originally lower class family on July 3rd 2000, Steve Alpert spent the first seven years of his life living in the Bronx in an undesirable apartment. His mother and father worked hard to ensure the happiness of their child, though much of their available income was so low due to his father's constant gambling on the stock markets. It was not until Steve was seven-years-old did his father hit the jackpot. Seven companies he poured money into shot straight up in the stocks.

Immediately after this, they moved to the top floor of Langham Place, costing the family around $8,500 a night to stay. Though with Steve's father's newfound success, they had little to worry about in terms of money. Since then, Steve has lived a comfortable life in one of New York's most expensive hotel suites, and has occasionally used money to aid in making friends.

Though nearing the end of middle school, he figured out a lot of his friendships were based entirely off of his money, and not actual friendship. He cut ties with almost every friend he had, and never again let on how much money his family had. For him, highschool was a fresh start, and while his freshman year was quite unexemplary, he hopes to change his life around for the better in his sophomore year and have friends based on something other than cash.
   Character Link: Trashcanhead
   Character's Appearance: Erops is bae
   Character's Abilities: Trashcanhead has great knowledge over pyromancy, capable of flinging fireballs multiple times his size with ease. He also has experience in leadership as well as machinery to a degree. He can speak bird quite fluently and can pocket items in an 'inventory'. Trashy also has some knowledge of ice magic, but nowhere near to the extent of his expertise with flame. He is also a fashion guru and pro turtle jouster.
   Other: Contrasts are the best

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Tue May 02, 2017 4:06 pm

Name:Pennel Umbra
Age: 16
Height: 5'7
Weight: 195
Appearance:Pennel is pale with, rounded face, and high cheek bones, his eyes are hazel, and his hair is a dirty black, his hair is straight and cut fairly close to his head, its ruly with a clean sort of precision,has a crooked canine on his bottom left that juts in slightly, he has a large build, with sort of a leering, heistant feeling, he wears long sleeved t-shirts and pants with a pair of fingerless black gloves, usually most often to hide his scars
Id Appearance: Dark Icor black leaks into Pennel's form encasing him and making him look like a black silhouette of himself, the scars one arms will apear to be glowing bright white lines drawn across his flesh, his teeth with sharpen to a point, and his eyes will lose all color and become blank white like Spades, his attire will become more classy getting a 9small suit, minus jacket) with a spade like tie, and spade cufflinks.
Id Abilities: Pennel can reach into his Wallet(Or Warlet) as spade calls it and pull out a variet of Spade's weapons wheather it be knives swords,suitarangs,backup hat,horse hitcher,or knives. He can use these to fight with.
He also gains "Suitkeepers Peepers" which gives him extra perception and intution while battling foes.
Personality:Pennel is introverted ofen going through most days silent and robotically, when he does talk he usually doesn't engage that much, or making excuses that he has somewhere to be or something to get, whenever approached or offered a friendly gesture his first response is to draw away,he's one of the people I'd describe as "Existing" rather than living, as if not seeing value in himself not seeing a point to try, other than to go through the motions of the day.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies:When he puts his mind to it Pennel is quite intelligent, scoring high in Mathmatics and Science, however do to his low drive he tends to not study and get average C grades,he's a large fan of mystery shows and novels his favorite being the classic "Twilight Zone" and The "X-Files"
Bio:Pennel was not dealt an easy hand in life, his father left him when he was young, and his mother unable to afford costs with her job was forced to move in with her father Pennel's father, and old fashioned type of elder, there Pennel was subjected to a lot of verbal abuse, his grandfather would try to defend it by saying it was to "toughen him up" but he was unessarily cruel, locking Pennel in his rooms for hours when Pops didn't want to be bothered with him, belittling him when he made mistakes, looming over Pennel with an air of authority, forcing him to call him"Sir",telling him to grow up and deal with it when he was sick, and constantly giving him chores because as "Sir" reminded him He was living in his house, he had better earn it.
This brought a lot of resentment and anger to Pennel, not just at his grandfather, but at himself, his situation, his life.
Unsuprisingly this abuse made Pennel very withdrawn and resentful often ostrisizing potential friends with hurtful comments,afriad to trust anyone because they would just hurt him more.
He went to therapy of course, and it helped a little, but medication can only do so much, and he was afraid of going to someone, for fear of being taken away from his Mom or getting him and his Mom kicked out on the street by his Grandpa.
Recently Pennel has been turning to cutting as a release of pain,he does it on his chest and feet, and more recently across the top of his hands...
Character Link:Spades Slick
Character's Appearance: Spades appears in his original Fedora and suit form his body undamaged,with both eyes intact, however the more Pennel is damaged Spades slowly reverts to his later forms I.E With a stiched eye and finally robot limbs and eye patch.
Outside the I,D Spades is no more a dark voice speaking in the back of Pennel's mind giving him advice
Character's Abilities: Spades can talk,advise, and assist Pennel with his wisdom of combat and leadership, but only when he sees fit to, he can leap out in battle and bludgeon foes to bits, and depending on the damage fore can take out Lord English's Golden gun thing and fill foes with lead.

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Post by Leonir on Sat May 06, 2017 1:08 am

User: Leonir

Name: Arthen Brittend

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 125 lb


Arthen is a rather lightweight person with a short build. He has short, neatly kept black hair with small curls. His skin tone is a pale white. His overall build looks neither strong nor weak, although he's a fantastic runner. His face is devoid of any freckles or acne, and he has a short nose and sharp dark green eyes. He generally wears a simple t-shirt with shorts. He is always wearing shorts. No matter the weather. Sometimes he will wear a sweatshirt over his shirt, but he'll never wear anything other than shorts outside of formal occasions where he has to.

Id Appearance:

Arthen remains mostly the same in the Id. When he enters the Id, he dons a simple grey robe and hat, alongside a brown wooden staff and Glamdring, an ancient elven sword wielded by Gandalf.

Id Abilities:

Arthen gains Gandalf's swordsmanship within the Id. Coupled with the speed he already possesses, he is a fast moving warrior. Arthen also gains Gandalf's telekinesis, immunity to heat, and ability to inspire. Arthen has also been granted Gandalf's horsemanship, but chances are, he probably won't encounter any horses.


It could be argued that one of Arthen's defining traits is that he just doesn't care all that much. Sure, he's in a few advanced classes as well as band where he does a decent amount of work, particularly band, but he isn't super worried about his grades, and to others he appears to care even less about his grades than he actually he does. He also isn't really worried about being a good Mormon, the religion he was born into.

Arthen often walks a fine line between jokester and jerk, although he often leans jokester. He makes many jokes at the expense of others and himself, and he hardly ever targets a single person specifically unless he enjoys their reaction. He also sometimes makes silly comments. For example, one time he asked one of his middle school teachers if he could include information that wasn't useful on his review project. His jokes can also extend to him annoying others. Overall, these jokes have netted him only a few good friends, but many others tolerate him and like him to some extent.

Another part of Arthen's arsenal of jokes is race. He jokingly calls himself Mexican despite being completely white and makes somewhat racist jokes about whites. Due to his lack of self-consciousness, he has been reported to yell "white people!" at groups mostly consisting of whites. Despite putting on this anti-white facade, he says he supports Donald Trump, although in actuality he doesn't care about politics, and he pretends to be rather patriotic.

Despite all of his jokes, Arthen can show some compassion, and he won't make fun of you enough to drive you to tears, unless you cry easily. However, don't ever tell him a secret. If sharing it won't get anyone seriously hurt, he'll probably tell it to the worst person possible.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies:

Arthen spends a great amount of time practicing his trumpet for marching band and wind ensemble, perhaps the only classes at school he really cares about. When he's not practicing his trumpet, Arthen is watching movies and TV shows such as The Lord of the Rings, Agents of SHIELD, and Star Wars. He also plays a fair amount of Clash of Clans on his Samsung smartphone. He doesn't have much more time for anything else due to having homework and chores to do, as well as the time he spends with friends.


Arthen was born as the fourth child to a devout Mormon couple. He has three older sisters and two sisters younger than him. Arthen lives in a large apartment in Queens, although it's still cramped due to the size of his family. It became apparent that by the time Arthen reached elementary school that he had mostly shrugged off many of the rules of his birth religion. In elementary school, Arthen was a bit more enthusiastic about school as a whole, although he struggled to find a friend group until middle school. In middle school, not only did Arthen find a friend group, he also found a passion in band class. He put more effort into band than any other class he had.

The Arthen that has now entered high school is relatively unchanged compared to the Arthen from middle school. He still has a passion for his trumpet and he still has the same group of friends. However, he has not yet met the character that he is linked to.

Character Link: Gandalf

Character's Appearance:
Id☆DC [CS] Latest?cb=20121110131754

Character's Abilities:

Gandalf has a wide range of physical abilities. He is rather strong despite his age, an able swordsman, and an excellent horseman. However, these take a backseat compared to his other abilities. Gandalf has the powers Arthen has, of course, which includes telekinesis, immunity to heat, and the ability to inspire. He also has the ability to remain calm in almost all situations. He also knows a wide variety of spells from the realm of Middle-Earth. Unfortunately, what spells he does and does not know is not knowledge that is obtainable.


Best compilation of Gandalf's powers that I can find:

Arthen's schedule (grade 9):
Period 1 - Geography
Period 2 - Physics
Period 3 - English I
Period 4 - Geometry
Period 5 - Wind Ensemble
Period 6 - Marching Band

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Name: Clara Moore
Gender: Female
Age: (17
Weight: (lbs)
Appearance:Clara Moore is a strawberry blone, with shoulder length messy hair, she has plump facial cheeks, and a rounded chin,her nose is normal, its right there between her eyes, which are a bright green and on occasion a little bloodshot.
Her attire consists of a Large red winter jacket with white fleece stuffing on the inside of said jacket just one size too big,which she wears with the hood down, unless in class when snoozing, so she can deny that she was awake because they couldnt see her eyes, under that she wears a faded blue shirt, and slightly darker blue sweatpants, and on her feet she wears yellow sandels, occasionally she'll switch up her outfit, but honestly she doesnt really care, oh and her ears are pierced with two small blue round saphires(Thats one on each ear fellas)
Id Appearance: Her form almost in its entirety becomes red clay with her hair and eyes becoming bright yellow and green clay.
Id Abilities: She can mould weapons out of her body she can manually shape one of her hands into a sharp pick or blade, she can form her hair into a helmet,however the effectiveness of said forming is based entirly on her focus, the blade could be effective as a metal blade, or as ineffective as a clay sword.
If projectiles or things thrown at her would sink or stab through her flesh while this does technically damage her she feels no pain, though she'll get phisically slower.
Personality: Easy going and chill, with a laid back personality Clara is a free spirted optimist, she takes most situations with an relaxed amused vigor, often cracking jokes and not taking things very seriously, she doesn't let things trouble giving the attitude "It'll work out", this may be due to the weed she smokes, but a lot of it is her mellow point of view.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies:Can do Cats cradle,knit,can tell long rambling stories that she gets sidetracked,smoking the weed.
Bio:Clara Moore is the daughter of two very busy affluent parents, put quie frankly they're a bit well sdistant from her, busy with their work and not bothering to try to relate or control her,this lead her to become distant,she got along fine with her peers and such, but without any need to strive forward or impress her kinda "meh" parents she kinda drifted without a purpose in life bored but seeking more she tried weed, enjoying the "Enlightening" the drug gave her she still does it albeit occasionally.
Character Link:Claymoore
Character's Appearance: Claymoore looks like Claymoore, he sorta appears as a semitransparent hologram, resting on various things around Clara
Character's Abilities: Can be tossed,or thrown but he certainly won't like it, if really pushed he can complain and defend Clara.

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