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Re: Dimensional Clash IX [CS]

Post by AestheticMonkey on Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:44 pm

Name: N'zoth (Nuh-ZAH-th)

Sex (if any): Masculine

Height (you can approximate): Currently unknown, likely over 150ft tall if released.

Weight (you can approximate): Immense


Universe: WoW

Abilities: The weakest of the old gods, N'zoth has learned not to rely upon his own strength. Why risk yourself when you can make others powerful, and command them to do your bidding. To this end N'zoth is a master manipulator, capable of shaping events even in his eternal sleep within Ny'alotha. He is capable of granting immense power and knowledge to his supporters.

Even the most strong-willed have been swayed by his whispers, so fleeting and subtle, that one believes it was their own thought all along.

Bio: During the days of the Black Empire, N'Zoth controlled a vast territory in the east of Kalimdor, covering much of what would later become known as the Eastern Kingdoms. Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon'ozz and his soldiers waged endless war in the name of N'Zoth against the forces of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Xal'atath claims that in ages past, the God of the Deep lost a great battle to the God of Seven Heads in the land that would later become known as the Broken Shore. However, as was so often the case, even defeat ultimately worked in N'Zoth's favor.

N'Zoth was the first of the Old Gods to be sealed in an underground prison by the titan-forged after Y'Shaarj's death, in a location halfway between the Well of Eternity and the site where Uldaman was later built.

As the War of the Ancients ended and the Well of Eternity collapsed around Queen Azshara and her Highborne, a small fish with strange red eyes seemed to be whispering to Azshara to 'let go' and give up, even as the waves destroyed her palace. Eventually, Azshara's arcane shield failed, and she and her court were swept into the sea. However, something seemed to keep the queen from drowning. The fish began speaking directly to Azshara, revealing itself to be possessed by N'zoth. Offering Azshara visions of the Black Empire that it had ruled over in ages past, it offered to save her in exchange for becoming its servant. Azshara, ever guileful and charismatic, convinced the Old God that she would not be a servant, but become a queen to rule at its side. It could either accept the offer or potentially have no servants and be left with no way to free itself. N'zoth reluctantly agreed, transforming her and the Highborne into naga.

When the roots of the growing World Tree Andrassil inadvertently reached Yogg-Saron's prison, it allowed the Old God to first open the door into the Emerald Dream. This then enabled the other Old Gods and N'Zoth to spread their corruption in the form of the Emerald Nightmare.

Millennia later, Azeroth's mortal adventurers defeated both C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Shrouded in an ocean of fevered dreams among the bones of nameless horrors, N'Zoth remained untouched. It was certain that Azeroth's champions would eventually come for it, just as they had C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. It was not afraid, but sensed that a window of opportunity was quickly closing; the world was still recovering from its war against the Lich King, and the Dragon Aspects were consumed by their own struggles. The time to usher in the Hour of Twilight was now, and the herald of the apocalypse would be the corrupted Aspect Deathwing, who was currently recovering in Deepholm. N'Zoth fed its own dark energy into Deathwing's heart, infusing the black dragon with great power but also making his form more unstable. N'Zoth commanded cultists of the Twilight's Hammer to venture into Deepholm and bolt elementium plates to Deathwing to prevent the dragon's body from tearing apart. Meanwhile, the Old God reached out elsewhere in the Elemental Plane and called on the elementals — the Old Gods' ancient servants — to prepare for war. Two of the Elemental Lords — Neptulon and Therazane — refused to serve the Old God, but Al'Akir and Ragnaros embraced N'Zoth's command. They relished the prospect of war, and N'Zoth promised to release them from their prisons and allow them to roam free on Azeroth once more. Once Deathwing was ready for war, he would burst out of Deepholm, tearing a rift between Azeroth and the Elemental Plane, and subsequently serve as an extension of N'Zoth's will by coordinating the elementals and Twilight's Hammer. N'Zoth made Deathwing believe that by doing so, he would be able to scour Azeroth of the other dragons and claim the world as his own. In truth, however, N'Zoth intended to dispose of Deathwing after using him to restore the Black Empire and shroud the world in shadow.

Before long, the time had come. On N'Zoth's word, Deathwing unleashed his rage and exploded from Deepholm into Azeroth, igniting the Cataclysm and causing great devastation across Azeroth. N'Zoth stoked the fire in Deathwing's veins, filling him with excruciating pain. While sporadic battles erupted between the Alliance and Horde, Deathwing unleashed the Old Gods' minions on the world. Al'Akir assaulted Uldum in an attempt to claim the Forge of Origination. Meanwhile, another servant of N'Zoth — Queen Azshara — sent her naga forces to Vashj'ir. Neptulon and his minions had defied N'Zoth's will, and for this they would suffer, but N'Zoth also demanded Neptulon's power to control the world's seas, which the naga could use to cut off all sea travel between Azeroth's continents. N'Zoth was confident that the Alliance and Horde would never be able to stop all of its servants, and if even one of the Old God's campaigns succeeded, it would usher in the Hour of Twilight. However, Azeroth's heroes soon arose to thwart the efforts of N'Zoth's minions in Deepholm, Uldum, and Vashj'ir. Meanwhile, Deathwing and the Twilight's Hammer summoned Ragnaros and his fire elementals to assault Mount Hyjal and the World Tree Nordrassil, since N'Zoth believed that burning Nordrassil would deal an irrecoverable blow to the world, but in the end Hyjal was saved by the combined efforts of the Cenarion Circle, the green dragonflight, Azeroth's champions, and the Wild Gods.

Eventually, the tide of the war turned as Azeroth's defenders pushed back against the forces of the Old Gods. Heroes retrieved the Dragon Soul from the past and took it to Wyrmrest Temple, where the Dragon Aspects and Thrall began to empower it with the intention of using it to destroy Deathwing. Deathwing and his twilight dragon and cultist minions unleashed their full fury on Wyrmrest, and N'Zoth sent its n'raqi minions to aid in the assault. However, the Aspects managed to empower the Dragon Soul and unleashed it on Deathwing, forcing him to flee toward the Maelstrom in an attempt to escape back into Deepholm. Wyrmrest's defenders pursued him. N'Zoth sensed that its servant was on the verge of defeat and that its plans were about to unravel. In a final, desperate attempt to turn the tide, N'Zoth infused Deathwing with more of its power than ever before, but in the end, Thrall unleashed the Dragon Soul and finally annihilated the corrupted Aspect. In that moment, N'Zoth's campaign to bring about the Hour of Twilight collapsed.

Xal'atath claims that the God of the Deep writhes in its prison, breaking free ever so slowly.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/N%27Zoth

Name: Y'shaarj (Yeh-Sha-Raj)

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 200ft

Weight (you can approximate): Ethereal, does not have a weight.


Universe: WoW

Abilities: Dead and gone, and with the Prime Sha defeated. Y'shaarj now recreates his empire through the corruption of life. Those who feel emotions, and are susceptible can find themselves influenced. Eventually becoming nothing more than puppet through which the dead god may manipulate, and reproduce his Sha through. He seeks to recreate the seven prime Sha, and corrupt a suitable being to become his vessel, and to once again return to the world.

Bio: Y'Shaarj was the most powerful of the four Old Gods to plummet into Azeroth from the Great Dark Beyond, and the greatest bastion of the Black Empire was built around its gargantuan bulk.

When the godlike titans arrived to shape and order Azeroth, they created the titan-forged to battle the Old Gods and their enslaved elemental servants. Though the titan-forged were successful in defeating and imprisoning the Elemental Lords, the titans realized that Y'Shaarj would prove too great a challenge for them; as the titan-forged approached the temple city that lay at the heart of the Black Empire, Y'Shaarj twisted their thoughts and drew out their darkest emotions. Thus, Aman'Thul, the Highfather himself, reached down through Azeroth's skies and heaved the Old God from the surface of the world. In that moment, the massive bulk of the Old One was ripped apart, and its deathrattle caused entire mountains to shatter and hundreds of titan-forged to be instantly obliterated where they stood.

Aman'Thul had inadvertently ripped open a wound in Azeroth's surface, and the world-soul's arcane lifeblood flowed to the surface. It was then that the Pantheon realized that the Old Gods had entrenched themselves too deep to excise without destroying Azeroth itself, and instead they resolved to imprison the remaining three Old Gods rather than killing them outright.

As the titan-forged known as Highkeeper Ra made his way to establish the stronghold of Uldum in the southwestern reaches of Azeroth, he came upon the remains of Y'Shaarj, the largest intact part of which was its twisted heart. Ra resolved to seal the heart in a subterranean vault below the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in the hope that studying it would help the titan-forged gain a better understanding of the Old Gods and the Void. Ra then charged some of his mogu followers to watch over the vault and the surrounding lands, before continuing west.

After the war between the aqir and the trolls, many years after Y'Shaarj's death, a colony of aqir congregated around the southern areas of Azeroth. Though they did not know it, they were drawn to the lingering presence of the Old One, and were soon warped into a new race, known as the mantid. The mantid continued to worship their Old God masters for millennia to come.

Later still, Y'Shaarj's lingering presence also began giving rise to the sha: malevolent spirits who fed on negative emotions.

At the command of Garrosh Hellscream, goblin engineers began excavations in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to find a mysterious artifact, but found more than they bargained for. With the mining crew terrorized by an ancient power in the depths, adventurers were called in to retrieve whatever remained of the excavation. After clearing the mine full of the Blood of Y'Shaarj, adventurers blasted their way into an underground room with an Echo of Y'Shaarj. Inside the Vault of Y'Shaarj was found a chest, suspended from chains, which contained the Heart of Y'Shaarj.

Garrosh Hellscream later fully restored the Heart of Y'Shaarj using the pools of Pandaria. Fortunately, the whole God was not resurrected. The heart was taken to Orgrimmar, and placed in the Underhold, Garrosh's new seat of power.

After Garrosh's defeat, the Heart has suffered a failure and the Fading Breath briefly remained on the floor of the Underhold, then faded from existence, ending the life, influence and corruption of Y'Shaarj. With every Sha Prime and its heart dead, nothing remains of its power.

However, that which had never lived can never die. The heart of Y'shaarj has faded. Freeing the Old God from its own mortal shell. The void-based being lingers, shattered and unable to fully wield the power it once commanded.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Name: G'huun (Ga-HOON)

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 25ft

Weight (you can approximate): 23K Pounds


Universe: WoW

Abilities: G'huun is an artificial old-god, a bubbling mass of profuse flesh that only seeks to spread until nothing remains. Ghuun is immensely powerful, capable of bringing down a massive prison/research-lab atop itself by sheet will.

He influences life and death, and can bring the dead to his control by infecting them with his Rot. Ghuun's corruption is powerful, those under his sway have no need of technology. They wield powerful magics naturally, the old god's gift corrupting their flesh into a suitable vessel for their environment.

He promotes the creation of new life, no matter the cost. His gifts allow his followers to reproduce at an insane rate, corrupt the life of the world into raving, twisted blood-beasts.

Bio: G'huun was accidentally created by the titans when they experimented with means to solve the problem posed by the Old Gods. They used Uldir to "try to figure out what makes Old Gods tick", including performing experiments. This led to "some creepy and weird stuff inside it", and G'huun is the result of years of experiments where the titans couldn't figure out how to cure this Old God disease. When they experimented upon the Old Gods' unending, ravenous need to corrupt, they unexpectedly created a perfect avatar of that desire. G'huun is nothing but rot, pestilence, and decay, the ultimate parasite who cannot stop itself from consuming its host until it is gone. He was locked away in the facility of Uldir sealed with three seals: Nazwatha in Nazmir, Atul'Aman in Vol'dun, and the Great Seal of Dazar'alor in Zuldazar. The seal in Atul'Aman was destroyed by Mythrax the Unraveler long ago, while Nazwatha was damaged by the Cataclysm.

During the final era of the Council of Tribes, an attempt to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer was made, which released a plague of corrupted blood, killing thousands of trolls. It was deemed that the bodies, too polluted for proper burial, would instead be burned and kept in special urns. As time progressed, this method became commonplace among the Zandalari in disposing of their dead. After the great plague, there were still those who clung to the magics of the blood god. They tested their magics and perfected them. One such relic was a totem, which when concentrated upon, would drain not just the life from their enemies, but also their blood, infusing the caster with it and altering them in unusual ways. This was the dawn of who the Zandalari call, "the blood trolls". Eventually the blood trolls would begin worshiping G'huun. Because G'huun has no need for technology, the blood trolls regressed into a more primitive state compared to other troll races. Grand Ma'da Ateena and the blood trolls considered themselves the children of G'huun.

With his prison weakened, G'huun's corruption begun spreading across the land, threatening to cover all of Azeroth. He also started wresting control over the souls of the dead from Bwonsamdi, the loa of death, leading to a conflict between them.

G'huun corrupted Hir'eek, the loa of bats, and turned him into his servant. Adventurers worked alongside Jo'chunga and struck Hir'eek down in order to weaken G'huun's forces.

With the seal of Atul'Aman destroyed by Mythrax, and the seal of Nazwatha destroyed by the Cataclysm, Zul and his allies, General Jakra'zet and Yazma, worked to free the Blood God by undoing the last remaining seal, in Zuldazar. The plan was to have G'huun replace the loa, which Zul saw as weak, as the trolls' new god who would lead them to rule the world again. The seal was ultimately destroyed by a revived Mythrax during the invasion of Dazar'alor. A group of adventurers entered Uldir and slew G'huun before he could break free.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/G%27huun


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Re: Dimensional Clash IX [CS]

Post by Infested on Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:17 pm

Name: Shlyke

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 3’11’ (5’1 when tearing up on his hind legs)

Weight (you can approximate): 70 pounds

Description/Picture: A large, red-shelled insect, similar to a locust in physiology. He has six limbs and two sets of chitinous wings, with the two back limbs arched and longer than the two front ones. He has two large yellow eyes with beady brown oblate pupils, similar to a goat’s pupils. Two short, thick antennae sit just below his eyes, and below them is a four-piece set of mandibles. Shlyke wears a standard duty Abrol-Kanak soldier uniform, a deep navy blue across its breadth, save for the gold and blue insignia patch on the bottom right of his top. Two slots for the Abrol’s wings are sewn into the garb. The sleeves and legs of the uniform have been notably torn off.

Universe: Aoshtai

Abilities: As an Abrol, Shlyke has very little in terms of real strength, comparable to the average twelve-year old in that regard. However, he makes up for it with his dexterity and cunning, with natural sharp reflexes and able of maintaining sustained flight for short periods of time.

Another Abrol-born skill is Shlyke’s gluttonous ability to eat almost anything, be it rotting trash or kibble. Abrol are even known for eating toxins humans might find entirely deadly with little to no harm to themselves. This, paired with the Abrol’s naturally high metabolism, means that Shlyke is not a very picky eater, having had to be trained by Tina not to eat things from the trash or on the floor. Abrol have a strange cultural phenomenon where, in some way, the flesh of a salient creature is regarded as even more sought after, no matter the real taste of it. Shlyke, though, vowed to never eat another sapient thing again.

Shlyke prides himself on his skills of charisma, but, the truth be told, he is a rather hit-or-miss smooth talker, and even then, it seems like the times he is genuinely charismatic are almost by mistake.

Shlyke also has a plastic shiv. It is sharp, and can hurt you if he stabs you with it.

Bio: On the grungy (even for Abrol standards) border world of Haral’shal, born to the Abrol lineage of Azrak, Mhrak Fedello Azrak was the runt of the brood. He had always found himself last to the food brought by his parents, blood members of the Azrak Trader Clan. He was always to be picked on by his siblings, who grew faster and stronger than he did and made him feel meager and weak in comparison. And yet, Mhrak knew that there would be more to his life than just fun at his expense. Abrol were more than just toilets working within the punishing boundaries; if they saw, the many like Mhrak could do as they please! Create their own space for people like them! Abrol has tried before, even. But the first Abrol Civil War had been devastated by the one power that all Abrol had come to loathe and fear at once: the Sovereign States of Kanak. But where other Abrol saw an impenetrable wall of military might against them, Mhrak, reading through newspapers and what little of the political writings he could find, had come to see Kanak as a string machine, but with joints so fragile, if they were to crack, it would all come down upon them.

And so, at the age of six, Mhrak Arak left his family’s home for good, leaving behind the hereditary job of Black Marketeer given to him by birthright. He even cast his own name down, using a crude, simple to say, and memorable name instead: “Shlyke.” He had taken the name hoping that it would remind people of the leader of the civil war, the attempted liberator of the Abrol himself, Hyke Pekem. And so, he began his journeys across the Abroli Sector, working a variety of low level jobs among groups of ne’er-do-wells, pirates, and traders to better understand the plights of the Abrol people and how he could help lift them up into revolution. However, he also knew, after years of fending off his own kind, that to best defeat one’s enemy, they must understand them, inside and out. At the same time, the Sovereign States, in some form of reintegration attempt, had begun to enlist Abrol soldiers into the Sector’s neighboring states. Shlyke saw this as a perfect opportunity, and quickly landed himself a position in the Defensive Frontier Outposts as an infantrymen. There, he would begin to slowly understand the Kanak doctrines of battle, how they would coordinate themselves and the like. But his time there would drag on, the years passing by. Those many years of dulling training and duty wore at his nationalism, and, for a time, the Abrol came to set down his militant plans against the States of Kanak.

It was around this time that the Defense Outpost the Abrol was posted at was suddenly transported to the Overwatch Universe, appearing off the Lake of the Ozarks. There, he would be one of the first Kanakan soldiers to interact with the group that included Zoey, Bob, Fennel, and most importantly in Shlyke’s story, Tina Wolfe. After meeting the young girl, the Abrol sought to trick her into becoming his next meal, but saved herself by playing Tic-Tac-Toe with the locust. When the group was to leave the Outpost, Shlyke, in a coordinated effort with Tina, who viewed Shlyke as her friend, managed to sneak out of the camp via hiding under the bus. When the Abrol has another chance at eating Tina, he softened, her innocence making him instead found himself unable to do so. The two would go on as ‘best friends’ (Shlyke had admitted he never had any real friends before her), even if Bob and a majority of the group did not approve of it. Eventually, while at a Chuck-E-Cheese’s, inside a dome in the playground tubes, Shlyke would proclaim his uneasy love for Tina, who suggested that the two “be boyfriend and girlfriend”. Shlyke, of course, accepted.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


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Re: Dimensional Clash IX [CS]

Post by Infested Yesterday at 9:23 pm

Name: Rima

Sex (if any): Varies between intelligences
A-N: Female
P-A: Male

Height (you can approximate): N/A

Weight (you can approximate): Holographic projector weighs approximately four pounds

Proximate Abjection

Universe: Aoshtai

Abilities: As a VI, Ansifel-Notary has a processing system several dozen times more receptive than the average human, a cognitive system to follow, as well as a series of other automated systems. As a Notary unit, Ansifel specializes in collecting data and conducting research when provided means to do so, and always provides a positive response in most situations.

Proximate Abjection, on the other hand, is much less cheerful about itself. It acts as a sort of extremely fast acting virus, rapidly replicating its code into whatever machine it can get a connection into, and slowly overtaking the preexisting programming of the devices. PA is aggressive, taking offensive actions whenever it is capable of doing so, but can be swayed by reason and logic.

Ansifel is the naturally-controlling intelligence of the pair, and is usually the one to be allowed to speak. However, PA will force itself into a speaking position if it is necessary or if it would simply like to speak its mind. The device Rima is currently inside, a small holographic projector, has no input cables or output cables, along with zero network capabilities, halting all spread of PA unless tampered with by outside forces.

Bio: Project: Voidmind, otherwise known as the Kassal Incident, was a Kanakan research endeavor by the Institute of Anomalous Studies to survey and examine an ancient warship found buried on the Ponik world of Kassal. A Rosham astrohistorian on the team, Salag’patti IV, objected to the project’s continuation, citing documents that tell of a omnicidal machine force from the time of the fall of the Aoshanti Empire, and how it was heavily prevalent through the region. His objections, however, would fall on deaf ears, as the IAS saw potential in upgrading the software of Kanaki technologies based on what was found, and the development of further artificial intelligence programs. And so, funding was soon allotted to the excavation of several parts of the vessel in order to examine them.

Within a few days, however, as local systems of the ancient ship were excavated, planetary issues began to grow. City-wide blackouts ripples across the world in fluctuations, while the VIs used by local defense systems grew much more quiet and seemingly either distracted, or unable to focus their efforts on individual tasks with accordance. Before any of the major institutions could react accordingly to these problems based on the research there, however, the world’s defenses turned against itself. Nuclear weapons were detonated in densely populated areas, killing millions within moments of the defense grid’s activation by the Jinohl proxy found within the derelict vessel. However, with the work of local defense outpost and the combined efforts of several VIs who had survived the proxy’s contamination, the mechanical virus was not allowed to spread further, its source destroyed in a failsafe device as the research team fled. Within a few days, the Institute of Naval Intelligence and Protection was able to mobilize a small force and scuttle any remaining portions of the world’s infrastructure, including whatever of the defense outpost remained. When the disaster was revealed to the public a week later, it was branded a terrorist act in which Epsymyrnia spores were released onto the populace, and so, orbital bombardment would be the only feasible measure of containment.

While it is said that all materials and documents pertaining to the Incident were destroyed, it is rumored (and documented by the Institute of Anomalous Studies) that a single VI known as Ansifel-Notary-9861 was able to escape destruction aboard the leading director’s drives after a minor infection from the proxy. It is kept in a safe location within an IAS research facility at an unknown location, kept under constant surveillance. It was allowed slight modular control of objects for a time, but the infection soon schismed the Virtual Intelligence’s cognition, creating a sort of bipolar disorder within it, forcing researchers to limit the machine intelligence to a singular holographic emission array locked away in a signal-jamming, privately networked saferoom. Interviews are conducted regularly with both personalities of “Rima” (the two had agreed upon the name for their whole form), and more research into Jinohl technologies has been investigated, but halted at several attempts by a clandestine paramilitary organization known as the APRI.

Rima cooperated well with its captors, with Ansifel keeping close contacts with her original owner, Director Maddoi sumDidaido, as the two had lengthy conversations about the outside world and the events taking place in it. Proximate Abjection, as the fragment of Jinohl had come to call itself, was fairly relaxed, but tried on several occasions to trick members of the IAS and escape, but was hindered by the loyal Ansifel. The Jinohl-born intelligence cared little for being kept hostage, but the Kanak-formed VI was intrigued by the virus that had caused schism in her systems, but had spared the rest of her code. She would write to him, attempting to translate the coding language of the ancient AI, and formed a sort of communal bridge between them, allowing for limited communication between the two machine intelligences.

Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Evil


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Re: Dimensional Clash IX [CS]

Post by ToadRopes Today at 2:48 am

Username: EropsToad

Name: Helian Army

Size of group: 50,000 (at a time)

Description/Picture: Hel’s soldiers retain for the most part their appearances during life, though some whose bodies have wasted away have transparent bodies revealing their skeletons underneath, such as Líf and Thrasir.

Universe: Fire Emblem

Abilities/Equipment: Those who die and are taken to the realm of Hel retain all abilities and equipment from their life. This includes weapons (sword, lance, axe, tome, bow, staff, dragonstone), armor, and mounts (horses/pegasi).

History: The army of Hel, the realm of the dead, is the main military force of Hel, ruler of her eponymous realm. Several months after the defeat of Surtr at the hands of the Order of Heroes, the Helian army was spotted in Askr, aiming to spread death and grow their ranks.

The princess of Hel, Eir, grows discontent with Hel's increased aggression, but out of loyalty to her mother, serves her regardless.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Hel_(location)


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Re: Dimensional Clash IX [CS]

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